Iconic sneakers have put us in a chokehold. We’ve seen guys camping outside the sneaker store when a new sneaker debuts. Riding on the wave of stylish footwear, designers have reinvented sneakers from on-court shoes to everyday wear. One thing that has remained constant through the evolution of sneakers is their power to inspire, accentuate, and revolutionize fashion styles. Below, we look at the top sneakers every sneakerhead should have in their closet.

1. Nike Air Force 1

Do we need to school you on this one? No matter how you cut it, the Air Force 1 is the most stylish and timeless kick (hands down). The Nike Air Force 1 sneaker had a breathable toe top made of leather and spots the legendary Nike tick. The sneaker has evolved, with brand and designer collaborations adding more style and appeal to the popular shoe. Famous collaborations include the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 and the hard-to-get MCA University Blue. The best sneaker stores in Miami stock various forces; you will surely get one suited to your style.

2. Air Jordan 1

The Jordans have an infamous history that has cemented their legacy as one of the most stylish high-top kicks. The NBA banned the shoe for violating uniform rules in 1985. The shoe hit the market in ’94 and has climbed to iconic status, just like MJ. 

You’ll most likely find the Chicago colorway in many stores. However, new variations are available at select stores across Miami. The next shoe is a rated Jordan (shout-out to the real MJ).

3. Air Jordan 3

Nike was really in their bag with the Air Jordan 3. Up to date, the Jordan 3 is still the most tasteful sneaker that looks good, is brand new, and is beat up. The Air Jordan 3s halted production, meaning getting your hands on a new pair is challenging. But if you want a sneaker that combines style and history, hit the best sneaker stores in Miami to get the Air Jordan 3 fresh off the box.

4. Addidas Stan Smith

Three Stripes Stans may not top any sneakerhead’s collection, but their versatility and minimalist style explain why they are Adidas’ best-selling sneakers. The tennis-oriented shoes feature a colored tongue, breathable sides, and a light leather silhouette, making them ideal for slipping on and dashing away. Other fashion brands have Stan Smith replicas in different colorways that look just as tasteful as the original Stan Smith.

5. Nike Air Max 1

It was a tough pick between a racer shoe and an everyday sneaker, and we had to choose the Nike Air Max 1. Sneaker collectors recall that the Air Max 1 was the first shoe with a visible air cushioning system. Athletes and sneaker lovers fancy the Air Max due to its versatility and comfort. With the Max 1, you’ll get an inspiring new vibe for everyone. This is probably why it’s in the debate about the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) sneakers. The Nike Air Max 1 is a sneaker that transcends the track and reinvents sneaker style and technology too. 

Sneakers have inspired numerous fashion styles the world over. Sometimes you have to go with your gut in a sea of sneakers and slip on any sneaker when buying. But other times, you must get expert advice on purchasing statement-making shoes. You can never go wrong with any sneaker on this list. Slap on casual or formal attire to any sneaker here and serve looks (we’ll wait for the feedback). Ensure you get only quality sneakers from the best sneaker stores in Miami. Avoid rip-offs if you want that crisp look that improves your riz.